World Service 2017-2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

Oct 18,2017


  • David Bishop
  • Kevin Allen
  • Susan Mahoney
  • Bob McQuade
  • Scott Gill
  • Dick Smith
  • Todd Fischer

Project updates

Ecuador micro-finance

Our microcredit project in Esmeraldas, Ecuador continues to receive strong support from our partner Rotary Club, RC Quito Occidente. Their members drive the six hours from Quito to the coast to provide business plan training to our loan recipients. We just returned from Esmeraldas city where we trained 26 people in developing entrepreneur skills. We will return to that area, maybe Tonsupa, to train a different group, in about 40 days. This project in the Esmeraldas Province started in January. So far 93 people have receive loans. The total amount loaned is $58,550, and the average loans size is $629.57. The program is going well so far with only 1% in overdue payments. Their report notes an increase in bakeries, tailoring shops and carpentry services which are partly attributable to training programs being provided through our Rotary Training Center established in the last Global Grant for this area.

Ecuador fish market

I’m pleased to advise you that The Rotary Foundation has approved a Global Grant for $52,503 for the Ecuador Fish Market Project that you and your Rotary Club or District is co-sponsoring. The Rotary Club of Marin Evening is sponsoring this project to assist low-income fishing communities along the central coast of Ecuador where the earthquake occurred last year. The project will provide a fish processing center and fish market including clean water and sanitation disposal facilities. It will also include ice making equipment and a cold room to preserve and protect the 1,800 pounds of fish a day brought in by the fisherman’s cooperative. The total project cost is $112,439. This is a partnership project with Rotary, the City of Manta, and the fisherman’s cooperative. project.

Ecuador clean water

I have news about our global grant project in the communities of Santa Rosa de Cuendina, San Luis and Recinto Pasochoa in Ecuador. Our global grant project had a total budget of $113,783. Thanks to the hard work of community members and our host partner the Rotary Club of Chillos Milenio, our global grant has money left over! We have a choice: return the excess (estimated at $48,783) to the World Fund or ask The Rotary Foundation to allow us to expand our project to three communities in Pinguilla with similar water needs as the original three.

Sierra Leone gari factory

Village Hope operated factory is restarting now that the rainy season is over. To operate at a profit, some of the original equipment (tractor, peeler, and roasters) need to be replaced. The RI Grant Administrator has approved the change in spending plan as has our club. Next steps is get our partner the Rotary Club of Freetown to approve the change and then we can get the equipment ordered.

Guatemala rural nutrition

A year and a half ago Semilla Nueva teamed up with a few organizations to start the BioFORT Platform; with the goal to build the foundation, support, and adoption of biofortified crops in Guatemala. We’re thrilled to report that over the past month, corn seed that we have grown ourselves, has gotten out to 12 different organizations through the BioFORT platform. Impact: Our current estimate is that this more nutritious corn seed will be planted and consumed by over 1,000 families.


2016 – 2017

Budget: $2998

Spent: $1130 – Fish Market Global Grant project in Ecuador

Remainder: used for a local service project since the previous year part of the local service funds went to the gari factory global grant.

2017 – 2018

Budget: $1000

Likely will get some Firkin Frolic and Lobsterfest funds if we have worthy projects.

Potential Projects