Information for newer members

November 30, 2012


Dear Boise Rotarians,


This is an update for the newer members of our club. As always if you would prefer not to receive these, just send me an email.


1. What’s a Paul Harris Fellowship again?

2. Club visit next Tuesday, Dec 4

3. Club social next Wednesday, Dec 5

4. Ecuador, January 26 – February 3, 2013


1.  What’s a Paul Harris Fellowship?  Yesterday our past president Bill Agler honored his wife Marti with a Paul Harris Fellowship.  We encourage all of our members to contribute regularly to our international Rotary Foundation.  Rotary International, of which we are all a part, established a  Foundation about 50 years ago to help support our humanitarian projects around the world.  The Rotarians in Southern Idaho just raised about $10,000 for Semilla Nueva.  This money came from club treasuries.  Our Rotary Foundation will provide about a 2.5 times match of this money, so Semilla Nueva will actually get about $35,000.


Where does the Rotary Foundation get its funds to make this match?  From you and me.  We hope that every Rotarian who is financially able to do so will contribute regularly to the Rotary Foundation.  As a matter of fact, unless you tell the office not to do so, our club adds a $25 contribution each quarter to your dues. When you pay that invoice the $25 is sent into the Rotary Foundation in your name.  Of course you are welcome (and encouraged) to contribute more if you are able to do so.  When you have contributed a total of $1000 to the Rotary Foundation, you will be named a Paul Harris Fellow and we’ll have a little ceremony at the club and hand you a certificate and Paul Harris pin in commemoration of this event.  We’ll also print your name for ever more in the COGS.


Of course, the Foundation puts your contributions to work. So, just because you have completed your Paul Harris Fellowship doesn’t mean all the world’s problems are cured. The need is endless. So, sometimes generous people like Bill Agler continue contributing.  When they reach another $1000 milestone, they can be named a multiple Paul Harris Fellow, or they may, as Bill did, choose to honor someone else by having them named a Paul Harris Fellow.


You have an account at Rotary International.  You can go on line and see the status of your lifetime giving. To see this account, go to In the upper right corner click on “Member Access.” If you’ve already set up your account, then you log in.  If you need to set up your account, click on “Create Account.”  You will use an email address to set up the account.  You will have to identify yourself with your member number.  You can get your member number from the mailing label on your copy of Rotarian or send our administrator, Nancy Chin an email to Once you get to your account, scroll down the left hand column and click on “View your Contribution History.” Then click “Donor History Report.”  If you have questions on interpretation of the report, our member Ken Howell is the District Annual Fund Chair and an expert in all things regarding contributions to the Rotary Foundation.


So, here’s a primer on Foundation Terms:

Paul Harris Fellow. Someone who has contributed $1000 or more to the Rotary Foundation

Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  Someone who has contributed $2000 or more to the Rotary Foundation

Paul Harris Sustainer.  Someone who gives at least $100 per year to the Rotary Foundation

Every Rotarian Every Year.  A club that has 100% participation in the Foundation is named an Every Rotarian Every Year club. President John has challenged our club to achieve this status.


2. Club Visit. Join us if you can Tuesday noon as we make an official visit with Boise Metro.  This is a small club perhaps 30 members. But, boy are they active.  Come make new friends through Rotary and see how another group of committed Rotarians implements Service Above Self.  Send me an email if you are coming, but even if you don’t let me know, you are still welcome to come.


3. Club Social. Past President Tami Chafin organizes a hour long social each month at a local watering hole.  The next social will be next Wednesday afternoon, December 5 at Gil’s K-9 Bar and Grill, 2506 Main Street.  Come enjoy your favorite beverage and get to know your fellow Rotarians a bit better.


4.  Ecuador.  If you are interested in joining us on our Rotary trip to Ecuador, let me know.  Right now the trip includes my wife Amy Stahl (member of the Boise Southwest Club), her 15 year old son Quinn, Don Lojek, Tami Chafin, Tom Rosenthal of the Boise Sunrise club, and possibly Kevin Allen and his wife Mindi.


See you at Rotary.  Kevin