Back in the US

It’s 8:45 am in Atlanta (6:45 am in Boise) on Wednesday, April 4.  I left Quito last night at 11:30 pm and arrived in Atlanta at about 6:00 am after a five and a half hour flight.  Now headed to Salt Lake City and on to Boise, arriving 4:30 this afternoon.

I expect we will have an opportunity to participate in at least two projects in Ecuador, one organized by the Rotary Club of Quito Sur for El Parvulario and the other organized by the Rotary Club of Bahia de Caraquez to help that community.  If both of these go forward, we will work on the paper work and raising the funds during the first half of 2013 with a plan to submit the grant applications to the Rotary Foundation on July 1, 2013.  I expect to organize another trip to Ecuador after the projects are complete, likely in the fall of 2013. If you would like to see our work first hand, plan on joining me.

This is my last post about this trip.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about Rotary in Ecuador and a bit about Ecuador itself.   I also hope you will purchase one of the scarves I have brought back to the US.  The proceeds from the scarf sales will be given to the Boise Rotary Club to use for international projects.