World Service Project Selection Criteria

International project funding requests made to the Boise Rotary Club are evaluated for how well the request aligns with the goals of the club. In addition, the following guidelines are considered:

Sponsor Is a Boise Rotarian willing to do the work to make the project a success?
Trust Is there a Rotarian in the host club that can locally ensure the project will have a positive impact?
Sustainability What is the long term plan?How much does it cost to implement the effort, including start up funds and on-going funding? Who is providing the funding – are there several partnering organizations? How does the local community share in the financial requirements? If land is involved, who owns the land? How is the government involved? What is the plan if equipment that was installed needs repairs in the future? Who will pay for the repairs? If the project includes equipment, are there electrical power issues, are there manuals for operation, are the host country recipients trained to use this equipment, who will own and manage the equipment? Who will be held responsible for the long-term management?
Community ownership How are the community members involved?Are they contributing financially? Are there requirements for their involvement, for example, do they have a required number of community service hours to complete before they can access the benefits of this project or will they have sweat equity” invested in this project? Is the community that will benefit from the project taking ownership for choosing the project, planning the project, helping to make the project happen, and supporting the project once Rotary involvement ends?
Funding Does the project qualify for a Rotary matching grant?
Magnitude of Impact What is the measure of number of people served and in what capacity?
Partners What local and in-country organizations are committed?