Contributed by Todd Fischer

The road “Service Above Self” might be lead you in parts of Boise, and parts of the world you might not expect, and you might get there driving the bus well traveled.  The joy of Rotary is finding new friends to join together to make the world a little bit better.  Imagine having a driver’s permit at the same time as your child, something I never would have expected, but it did happen, all because I needed to get school buses to a community in Mexico.  There are endless opportunities for service in Rotary, only limited by your imagination and your desire to serve.

Some service projects are large multi-year efforts, like transforming bare ground in an isolated community in Burundi, Kenya into a vibrant medical center that not only addresses medical needs, but creates a meeting place for the community, and addresses larger community issues and needs.

Other service projects are local, very local.  Idaho has the second highest child drowning rate – are you kidding? No, many children don’t get a chance to learn to swim.  By teaming with various Treasure Valley organizations, Rotarians are helping kids learn self-confidence, improve student performance, and even being capable swimmers.  Why? One Rotarian felt strongly about the project and got others involved.

If you have a passion, an idea to serve others, you have what it takes to be a Rotarian.