RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award


Rotary Youth Leadership Award is a youth leadership training program presented each summer.

RYLA is leadership training camp to develop and enhance leadership skills through activities conducted in an atmosphere of trust and respect. RYLA brings youth leaders together to share unique experiences to challenge themselves, support one another and learn their strengths. Students reach beyond their comfort zone, take risks and build confidence in themselves and trust in others.

RYLA aims to teach what it takes to be an effective leader. RYLA includes the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of leadership
  • Ethics of positive leadership
  • Importance of communication skills in effective leadership
  • Conflict management and problem solving
  • Building self-esteem and self confidence
  • Elements of community and global citizenship
  • Rotary’s purpose of service to the community and world

Students: Youth who will be juniors in high school through those who have just graduated are eligible to attend.

Dates for 2014 – To Be Determined
Place: CWI Campus in Twin Falls, ID
Application Deadline: To Be Announced
Click here to download the application.


“I’ve finally decided what I loved best about RYLA.

It gave me hope for peace, opened my eyes to the mutual depth of every human soul, and gave me one of the greatest gifts when it showed me a world where there wasn’t a single wall or judgment between one person. I got the opportunity to weep along with a room full of 100 others, and also to see the beauty of the spirits in 100 great souls. It introduced me to something I had lost hope searching for, and ultimately changed my entire life.

And that is astronomically wonderful!

“I can’t even reach an end to all that I feel. Going to RYLA was honestly one of the best things that ever happened to me, and effects me almost daily. I just noticed yesterday that every time I have to write an essay or something about my life or something, I always mention RYLA camp in there. Even one practice college application form. =)”

“Before I arrived I was unmotivated and sloppy. My Dad always got on my case for this but could never change me. He had been trying and failing for 3 years. RYLA taught me that living a motivated personal life is worth every effort.”

“I learned about the future and how to get there”

“Being a leader is about being willing to take risks: it’s trust. It’s communication.”

“I learned it’s ‘ok’ to change directions”

“Anything is possible”

“Leadership is faith in others, myself and God”

“I found the leader within, it’s totally a new dimension of myself”

“I have more respect for my grandpa. He was always my hero but I now have more respect for him as I learned more about what he was involved in.”