The membership of the Rotary Club of Boise reflects the best of traditional and contemporary business. Through a strong mentorship program, new members are encouraged to become active in club activities, resulting in an engaged group of business leaders, both experienced and new to Rotary.  One of our main goals is to build goodwill and better friendships among our members. We have a great combination of social activities, public service projects, great conversation and we sing (not well, but we sing!). Our speakers are excellent and we often hear breaking news before it is public. Join us for a meeting- please contact us if you would like additional information about membership or just to visit!

Why you should join the club.

“It’s a cheap lunch. Okay. Not a good reason. It IS, but you can get that at McDonalds. It’s a good speaker. Well, yes, but for that I could turn on TV and stay in my jammies. The club raises money for good causes. Swell, but so does the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. Why should I join the club? Well, Rotary is a unique opportunity to meet truly great people and forge close, life-long relationships with them.”

Larry Roberts


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Click here to download the New Member’s Orientation Packet.