Julia Davis Plaza

What It Is

In celebration of its first one hundred years, Julia Davis Park is undergoing a major renovation and upgrade. Part of the renovation is the Rotary Grand Plaza which will be located in the allee’ stretching from the Boise Art Museum to Zoo Boise, similar in size to the Grove downtown. Named for six collaborating Rotary clubs of the greater Boise metro area who have pledged to be part of a collective anchor gift to support the project, the Rotary Grand Plaza will be a focal point for gatherings in the park.

“I can see a family gathering here, with kids jumping from one bench to another, or a couple exchanging vows” says Bret Vaterlaus, incoming Rotary District Governor. “Rotary is about building good will and better friendships, and this is a place where I can imagine connections being made – whether it be people connecting with each other, or with their natural surroundings.”

The collaborating Boise area Rotary Clubs are working to raise $150,000 to fulfill their pledge through internal fundraising and community events.

“I think it’s important for Rotary to be involved in local projects like the renovation of Julia Davis Park. By helping to create the park’s grand plaza, we are giving our community a gift that will be enjoyed for generations.”

Marilyn Bickle


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Boise Area Rotary clubs would like to recognize the following corporate donors:

  • Micron Foundation (Bryan Connington, East Rotary)
  • Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley (Ken Howell, Downtown Rotary)
  • Moffatt Thomas Barrett Rock & Fields (Dick Fields, Downtown Rotary)
  • Boise Center on the Grove (Pat Rice, Southwest Rotary)
  • Capital Copy & Print (Will Glasgow, Centennial Rotary)
  • Brown Rentals (Brad Bengson, Downtown Rotary)
  • Western Building Maintenance (Bret Vaterlaus, Metro Rotary)
  • Capitol Law Group (Allan Bosch, Metro Rotary)
  • TWIGA Foundation
  • Taylor Brothers (James Bedal, Downtown Rotary)
  • Boise State University School of Business and Economics and School of Education (Diane Boothe, Downtown Rotary)
  • Hal Davis Jewelers